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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  December 7, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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society. korea us relations it's the most important relations. we live in a country sunday at twelve pm new rtcone week. the news picks off a show. in this week's episode. twenty six eleven attacks nor does this mean that all the five years of color. is the love of her
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life addiction to compensate trained equipped and on those in the teeth by now for the dt. it's been five years since that drew some pretty succeeded in rome but that's the case. but the pope would take those off the attack will be announced on the lot had shown no interest in bringing them to justice. in fact these groups are hiding under the protection of the government. the washer they promised india to take action against the concrete but it seems that his hands are tied by the army and the isi. his simple. it is when it's actually the idea was asked whether it was ported it to land tax. so he gets to go soak up its own way. that will attacksy ten mef
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the state in a bow. when the city to the on god in arabian sea. our students as well as lower costs of the only terrorists both alive. the attack does have the support of pockets on intelligence agency isi the attacks last three days killing one hundred and sixty four people and injuring fifty c hundred and eight the oldest least know where we just got the call up and executed. we are working retired. what do there because christy was iced in while the episodes of the protect them again. so back to force and they were good for being somewhat door to the iv and give it
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the soft approach on the board. this request will be on the side of the talk of the vehicle hq. pictured are white. nick was either pockets tiny zip pockets on the isi twenty one. did you know you had to force users to the office on diets high in the photo quite adequately the insight that of the week the agency's it's going to sit through and that dumont did justice to be devoted to the victims. we are still two was to get a job list on the western media. coulter book. the siege about the attacks the book to read a number of shocking facts above the attack he said the indian government was given more than one warning about an elite the attack on the plate before the attack
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a star. there was a series extreme heat beat so intelligent that it stands which began arriving in two thousand and six. and as the least but since i'm reading he and i can spot to cool off the match its liquor operation. they identified mumbai as the likely target of an attack. that sense but the message which the pc phone and think that it would be if the dying squats that they will be between ten and twelve members that the weaponry with the ak forty seven cents on cx bikes guy sits atop its posts like this but it's hard to tell the other and it's now a comeuppance but still at the team's history. this is called now and be anything that wasn't mentioned in the shooting was the fact that sunnah and an ounce with the texas tech to say that huge it will be selected. the evidence piled in and said i'm only going about to auntie's house in the night was really taken seriously. connie and the place. when the dc payment by the cancer
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investigate and discovered that a fire in his mind the mumbai was that it's going to work in attack and he went around the tone of the tibia and still no limits yes also the recipient likes it attacks the state i about is stronger than ever and remains the favored instrument of the box on the military and the ais side against india. and instead of seeking any effective action against elite teams and speedos. the puppets on the established in particular the eyesight continues to provide support to the terrorists onto it. i would get the support of the week approach to the perfectly. number one debacle but soon and all the good luck i would be complete for them to your diet. and did this and
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the display and up once he's concluded by the minute you guys the theaters. the fact that relevant to its training protect i wanted to be grown without it. the two million dollars to the youth whom just in time to decompose adt is the most feted and see about is due by sunday visiting. the billy t is deeply involved in the nt the site has conceded to a large number of agents in the end it's the biggest always this season. that focus on is unwilling to take action against twenty six and a low bit rate says. which is reflected on the fact that the new prime minister know what she did not get any sods to obama. with the doctor asked him to take action against the save. and why no
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action had been taken against those involved in the mumbai attacks. we don't need to be with you but to allow the victim. to kick in quickly. that is why we are no dead to the city the review to come who will play. i was a defensive midfield so that i want to focus on. i think tomorrow they have become more concrete. i endeavored to the new one. he has given lots of things but baucus on the main skinned it and says that the proof is in sufism this clearly reflects the islam of us intentions dubious that says something else and does something else
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taking action against militants is tossed a ball came off for me but successive up with the new regimes. the fact remains that the government is sponsoring militant groups to keep in life. we exposed to the new face of islam of up to date which is poverty protecting and promoting the toothpicks. this is the true face of this nano bots so called action against militant groups like the stated ava. these armed guards. the company of the say on equipped trained and paid by the end to services intelligence with the state's backing the screwdriver is looking stronger and is getting mortem will teach them and mother. that put six eight going bust. the government is protecting him giving him problems. i'm mostly say
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the skill to go to this bbq for . it is. head judge. let it go. he is but because he had to go for a week of it were up and hit the uk. hard to duplicate it but she could make a good pair of august rd pick him up the vip. but you'll tiki bar kays. he will get the car and start looking for. add the cheese more day looks good has been espousing in freezing the sentiments of the country it's not even spitting young kids. providing the training arming them with guns. peace
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was less exposed than being just the last of the stated time bomb of young children are indoctrinated and swayed to commit violence. if you cheat you can check it out will look to it yet. pool overlooking the fifty fifty feet below for the love and it was yet to drop but am far from the catholic thought. he took a detour to get in. it will be. so expect them to tighten up ip the trick to it
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ai high minded thinking. but you kept that to you although the club successive governments in the sum of money including the common dispensation has been telling blow that they have taken action and have launched a crackdown against them addicted outfits. with the reality is different these groups of mothers seeing the mountains on the sponsorship of the government's. it is. owh yes you can hear it from the boot. it is a photo of the character than to inform people about it get both were a little of the front of that do you think you could argue that his writing will be cool the wedding gift in the garden he knew he could be difficult but the fee for the beginning to crumble i've got the attention therefore we can bottle of beer garden. some stupid cd is exposed. mona was knows that it does not practise
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what it says. this dreadful promoting this mindset is neither good salute these nor does it did snow lots of tests. it is. what a great bundle that you because coming up off to the break stand with the ole us of gone back to continue this despite the lead in gaza for work. and puppies on pretty days off watching bill smith of some guy who lives in protest against jordan facts what about your seniors week saw the show. let's move on up. the u s prisons enough on the song beyond two thousand fourteen has become da phone there is a need for security agreement between the two countries so that the u s forces would remain human off
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to the cause of fourteen this indy is unstable the agreement but surprisingly common cause i dozed off to the bead table is simple. samuel and accidentally i said what did you see the security team. i tell you it's true. stir in the country got a steal. now it's up to me. it's a sign of backing it up. i think i'll ever again. this time with the muppets. the eight ball ready to get pieces for americans of soil. we have the condition concerning security. security from today onwards. he's from now on american forces are banned from launching operations on afghan hound. what the company. it's a tight he said he would not sign. she
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makes you eat that the statements of the delays and to criticism from bundled up and it's up to the l a based each candidate can. as a screen onto something the key us. and then there would be a debate in the innovation. he talked about he talked about the lifts. linking betting that constitute the agreement with the elections. in itself is dangerous. this is not just this cute thing to us indeed in need. you still ask and you would need of guidance. i was fourteen. i bought the bag. i just wanted to do is get good at it and what i know it's not all that
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content in and to be dictated to allow u s troops tuesday after the loss of fourteen joined don also in four states. common guys makes a good one said in e g a bottle like it security fact that the united states i'd seen it written on the sign and out of context on squeezed into the mix to make speed. the white house to insist on a year and didn't die. i sense of right still it's good just to see how convincing the teacups teach our kids. einstein weeks i'd be complete on sunday to its future into question. then i changed that much today. while. you got that i did about it
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the middle. it was. how the talk by john deacon and the tactics d c it could look up all its troops at the age of two was fourteen and he got his forces to fight side by contingency in court. so did the participants but the forced to strengthen security at the qas team signing off its back its standing up and stolen but some of that state. this is a nice light of the nest on the impact site. it can be connected. d oh and it's gonna feel that he had to shut down by a shared by which the epa me drool. and there were a mom. i gave the name of that between i'm sorry i'm on the spot of the time. when the sun. even
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the dog to the city of longmont. the plaintiff with uti due to his senses. yet that did and i knew i was just eating and such the united states. this is a good deal. instead he asks to watch them. that's a deal with that said any agreement on the status of these forces would help to be expected after its introduction in deep end. she said they felt the security team it would be the main duty but it's good to force units to be hiking up the next time. fourteen i'm back. she's still the station and what's what of understanding of its kind toward pbs news on a disc and watch it again. and then repeated that's what the future you its mission and of its kind. i tossed all
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the shots i missed sick vested in them. obama wants to speculate that the rules and sign up under scots law made by the end of its ceo. i say to teach always understand obama to decide about the enduring american presence of guns. after that of god command of troops to secure the tt you it's true talking of constant since rachel carson by. i am. and it's tough time invitation to tour docs can do to own up with aunt annie that citizenship with the united states. in this post of drone attacks will cause of candy canes off onto don't need to supply troops is this picture the fall. supporters of
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the good stuff in the gun was focused on baby gates up. but the bt i feel the need to supply route through crossing on one of the main groups that either but in the province. that is used by the roots cutting supplies to withstand forces. this time bt i can see it's one of the two made by the saudi border points you've studied supplies and officials say nearly seventy percent of zeitgeist of our own troops sport and why are these troops. just some money and get it up just as it might teach you much money but to my dh didn't he get the kids are dumb what was going to die. note to self bring british beef on top and it
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kind of band aids. this is john's is still true attacks and leave the cops. some of the t boz is used on strikes state. the deal to release civilians and while it did so in the tea. although excited officials admit the government broad use of molds them. the yellow easy the lady that i wish that you did that issue yet that a human in it the simple a dorky. who do not seem that bad but that the gift card i made it on his eighty eight gee maybe the bright yellow monday and its target decent getting it. look what's called the raise tensions with washington. by this time with each of the party's spokesman named an american diplomat as the c i a station chief in this column up costing him in the cru director to facebook which runs the ball. in a drone attack that killed six on the web and twenty one. she
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saw the installation safety of august on that he didn't stop bochy said last week she wrote to a police station in the attack on u district. with americans of the month. craig wallace has been added to the ci it the money gets me get into august. he lives by these jars along with c i a director tony bennett. umaga and waging war against pockets on in. in this day from there. isn't that bad but at the washington dc with
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ot. on the big bang in front of me that they died. these accusations were made based on a joint investigation by the rt and foundations fundamental rights of non government organization that has been objecting that the attacks. sixty six and did it stop. posted by expanding government departments to take immediate action to stop the annexed by the true meaning of the country. he said. this was the first time. c i a officer has been real. he will do. you can play on the twenty fifth of august that deficiency. do good. it is. we are a lot more bizarre we are. and tuesday. dr started off with it yet. yet
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his mission team. it was cool or is it. due to the body you can't stop watching pti was funded by a full stop and what he did say that either of them up from its name. i still need to go back to dc. litigants taste. still need to trust. the province the government hasn't made any official commons the demonstrations the charges made against him was official. ay ay ay ay ay a. t it all. additional music. the fish to win back next week with more new laws wheels and analysis on the football didn't mean by nokia cracking into us at the end of this the act in my inbox cool. this is not about to sign off on behalf of
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the entire production team of music's off a about. rule so wasting about it you'll be just great. sally was like gp age the cradle of humanity john bolton is like this one the men in my crate and central kenya. rearrange geology top of the flora and fauna every few hundred units
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the new and rejuvenation are occurring again in east africa this time through technology. some say the internet revolution is underway in africa as its coal is a broadband internet than centered on kenya. i know. ms joke three places but the stuff because i found them. it's indian ocean city of mombasa. his links to the various submarine internet cables that connect africa europe and asia. but based development bank of southern africa specialist its financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector the cables and does dishes and devices that connect
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people to the internet and tv that the us we are about to experience the mission in africa next six. if one looks at the underwater sea cables and seek on wanting to use the cable and east coasts of africa. and the envisaged the continental cable the opportunities that exist for that occasional of ict products the bed as it is all off the set of gorgeous the cables and the auntie and set to rights. makes me afraid. everything that's in the next two years the african continent will change. change is already underway in kenya where it tries to establish the government is moving whole sectors of national administration online. it's all still call on all investment in the new government but that was going on in prospect. we have up a video box in front of them well. we didn't ever do
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without working with local men when it was with his stuff was moved to philly it's a muscle that in this then we have done. i must buy bubble tea which links to this form of a calm peace it's just the beginning kenyans could soon skip a whole generation of standing in line filling in forms and mailing in checks. kenya is aiming to kill them one mobile phone. what's weird is doing well. use all the details or to produce this would be made of. and the muscle use for their quilts that would be great we want. the kitchen's moresby from when the mall buying for the course teaches you to get tips that will have to wait yet to support within the comp. as governments use the continent's whitening internet access to increase efficiency. so does comments which has taskforce is
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studying pocahontas roll bands to business how do we promised the crisis using it using asp internet and phones. we have and clean this up dead in this program transfers are next to the will of its well established in east africa especially in kenya. it's been such is providing up to date global real time. this crisis should be shown. and then today so that they understand the market and its daily basis. government experts say it's well worth african countries interesting in broadband infrastructure as a top priority. the summit of roads railways and due to the streets. that's because information communications technology ict will ultimately allah and enable the other investments. in one of those bullets. the two rail systems the buildings to be quick efficient ict
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infrastructure so touching hee hee hee emitting countries to ict has other sectors. it was in twenty oh six and has been on crutches with such interesting. a simple individual the thirty five. i think the intimate with the bill and more. but you couldn't get to visit mumbai with a surprise. a week or so. easy of use to promote this infinity soon that entice you to use it at the same time you can do better to own when you open it is. you can watch in a sea world you were ever you go to when she asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. i
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don't mind in peace. i'll write a book. enjoy the us versions available. this is your marketplace today to search makes the network. new new new. we went. welcome to hk use light and take it to find tokyo with the latest piece off. officials at the ministerial conference of the wolf later when i fish and have reached an agreement on a stump points full global trade legalize nation. it's the first time the old man vessel that wto have agreed on a new trade rules. this comes from one hundred and fifty


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